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This page generates names for White Wolf's Exalted RPG. The generator is based on templates, each consisting of various adjectives, nouns and so on from the Exalted books. I made it that way to try and avoid too many nonsensical results. The premade templates are hidden when this page loads but you can reveal them by clicking open this section in part 2. To make names, you can either use the dropdowns and boxes to narrow the results to something you want, or just click I feel lucky to generate 10 names from random templates.

Don't forget that you can save names you like until you have a decent list and them print them all together using the "save checked" link.

If you have any feedback or if you want to suggest any additions to the library, please feel free to contact me.




1. Create your own templates ...
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2. ... open this section if your want to choose from premade templates - just tick any box below to include that template
  (or you can select all/deselect all/select random ) ...
3. ... choose a number of results to display ... ... and ... or just click I feel lucky

Fifty Most Recent Saves...

Eyes of the Viper and the Land
Eyeless Star
Final Rainbow
Blazing Spider Master
Amber Treasuring Heavens
Whispering Kissing Moon
Deadly Loving Star
Undefeated Treasuring Heavens
Master of the Elder Blood
Snake and Tsunami Ally
Invincible Copper Dragon Lord
Triumphal Snake of the Venomous Waves
Servant of the Unconquered Sky
Unconquered Serpent of the Blighted North
Blind Mist Heart Intuition
Last Heaven
Oblivion Devouring Form
Perfect Storm Esteeming Misery
Ashen Heart of the Rainbow
Incomparable Skies
Grey Ocean
Oak Vulture
Flickering Thunder of the Phoenix Silk
Wandering Wind of the Tiger Glass
Amythest Jade Tiger
Undefeated Ruby Stance Guardian
Weeping Bat
Monkey of the Wasteland
Slave of the Adamant Finger
Crystal Fist
Obsidian Ghost
Exaltant Serpent
Lord of the Bright Heavens
Havoc Scorning Counterattack
Victorious Servant of the Radiant Willow
Leaping Blossom of the White Sky
Weeping Ally of the Azure Forest
One Thousandth Glance of the Ashen Skies
Grieving Daughter of the Amythest Oak
Glorious Stone of the Saffron Waterfall
Whispering Cloud
Auspicious Ox
Mighty Copper Bat Princess
Moon Hand Warrior
Stalwart Emerald Raven of the Masked Forests
Undefeated Ivory Mammoth of the Elder Underworld
Iron Face
White Empress of the Midnight
The Number Ten Hero
Undefeated Sundering Granite
Blessed Sundering Princess

Hundred Most Popular Names...

Two Word Names

Moon Moon (35 saves)
Star Star (25 saves)
Sun Sun (20 saves)
Void Void (18 saves)
Sky Sky (17 saves)
Wandering Moon (16 saves)
Obsidian Heart (16 saves)
Unconquered Sun (15 saves)
Glorious Horizon (13 saves)
Unfettered Sky (13 saves)
Iron Soul (13 saves)
Wandering Horizon (12 saves)
Invincible Sky (12 saves)
Iron Heart (12 saves)
Of the (11 saves)
Triumphal Sunrise (11 saves)
Still Sky (10 saves)
Undefeated Starfall (10 saves)
Iron Claw (10 saves)
Whispering Heaven (10 saves)
Running Cloud (10 saves)
Sad Ivory (10 saves)
Whispering Sky (10 saves)
Undefeated Horizon (10 saves)
Unconquered Sky (10 saves)
Iron Face (10 saves)

Three Word Names

Knife Eyes Attack (9 saves)
The Last Guardian (7 saves)
The First Guardian (5 saves)
The Last Warrior (5 saves)
The Tenth King (4 saves)
The Tenth Prince (4 saves)
The Last Hero (4 saves)
Drunken Carp Lover (4 saves)
The Fifth Master (4 saves)
The Eighth Master (4 saves)
The Ninth Master (4 saves)
The Ninth Maiden (4 saves)
The Third Assassin (4 saves)
Oblivion Piercing Prana (4 saves)
The Fifth Hero (4 saves)
Sour Sadness Bear (4 saves)
The Tenth Prince (3 saves)
Jade Midnight Guardian (3 saves)
Sour Sadness Tiger (3 saves)
Wolf Heart Assassin (3 saves)
Cloud Tearing Empress (3 saves)
Jade Rose Princess (3 saves)
Cloud Breaking Warrior (3 saves)
The Seventh Lover (3 saves)
The Last Lord (3 saves)
The Victorious Monkey (3 saves)

Four Word Names

Of of of of (10 saves)
Lion of the Heavens (9 saves)
Knife of the South (8 saves)
Knife of the Heavens (8 saves)
Blade of the Sky (8 saves)
Ghost of the Wasteland (8 saves)
Sword of the Seas (8 saves)
Sword of the Underworld (8 saves)
Ghost of the Moon (8 saves)
Ghost of the Heavens (8 saves)
Sword of the Sky (7 saves)
Fist of the Sky (7 saves)
Knife of the Waves (7 saves)
Shield of the North (7 saves)
Spider of the Sky (7 saves)
Knife of the North (7 saves)
Sword of the West (7 saves)
Sword of the Oceans (7 saves)
First and Forsaken Sky (7 saves)
Blade of the Depths (7 saves)
Hammer of the Depths (6 saves)
Hammer of the Heavens (6 saves)
Fist of the Heavens (6 saves)
Sword of the Underworld (6 saves)
Knife of the East (6 saves)
Blade of the Waves (6 saves)

Longer Names

Of of of of of of (182 saves)
And in the of from and (42 saves)
Servant of Iron and Silk (5 saves)
Daughter of the Invincible Sunrise (4 saves)
Daughter of Metal and Ivory (4 saves)
Child of Copper and Ivory (4 saves)
Master of Iron and Jade (4 saves)
Azure Leopard of the Ninth Waterfall (4 saves)
Son of the Invincible Void (4 saves)
Forsaken Misery and Blossom Face Princess (4 saves)
Lord of the Victorious Void (4 saves)
Master of the Victorious Star (4 saves)
Lord of the Cerulean Rainbow (4 saves)
Master of Steel and Gemstone (4 saves)
Child of the Black Sunrise (4 saves)
Star Knife of Esteeming and Piercing (3 saves)
Ascending Leopard Mind from the Land (3 saves)
Grievious Scarab Eyes from the Depths (3 saves)
Radiant Steel Hammer of Piercing Hungry (3 saves)
Ashen Onyx Sword of Worshipping Distant (3 saves)
Rainbow Bow of Treasuring and Piercing (3 saves)
Amber Ore Blade of Piercing Final (3 saves)
Master of the Unconquered Horizon (3 saves)
Silver Granite Hammer of Destroying Invisible (3 saves)
Daughter of Stone and Starmetal (3 saves)
Sour Raven Heart from the Wasteland (3 saves)

Generated Names Saved So Far...


4/2/2004: added some new 3 word premade templates
15/10/2004: rewrote popular saves list as it was just showing 2 word names
01/04/2004: added a counter to show how many names have been saved
17/12/2003: added a few more premades
16/12/2003: added new words after leafing through various Exalted books
12/12/2003: changed DHTML so "save checked" only appears when needed
12/12/2003: added library viewer
10/12/2003: added some more premade templates
10/12/2003: added new verbs (loving) and made dropdowns dynamic
9/12/2003: added more premade templates using "and"
18/01/2005: added "tsunami" (topical!) and a few more templates
21/07/2005: added loads of new words
06/08/2005: added the charm section of premades (Thanks ImaginalDisc)

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