Voidstate's Exalted Dice Result Generator

Small hands? Character just too, goddamn powerful? Sword too humongous? Use this page to print off random dice rolls. It makes a grid of results, showing whether a dice botched, failed, came up a success or a double success. Then, when you need to roll twenty dice, just scratch through 20 numbers with a pencil , rtotalling the results. Huge dice pools rolled in seconds!

Generates pre-rolled result sets.
Dice rolls are displayed in rows and columns of 10 for ease of use.
For speed, only the number of successes (not the number on the die) is shown.
Totals after each column allow you to add up ten rolls at a time.
Only the results will print from this page (just print straight from the browser).
New random results with the click of a button.

Columns Rows Gap After...
double tens?
show ones as X?
show total successes after each column?