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Savage Worlds

Unofficial Savage SLA Industries (100+ page Savage Worlds - SLA Industries conversion)
Covers all the released SLA Industries sourcebooks, all the SLA races (including playable necanthropes), equipment, drugs and ebb powers. An entire chapter of statted antagonists. Character sheet. Everything, in short, you need for a faster, more furious SLA Industries!

Savage SLA Industries v 1.13 (Graphical, Full-Colour) (last update: 17/3/2010)
Savage SLA Industries v 1.13 (Printer Friendly) (last update: 17/3/2010)
Savage SLA Industries Character Sheet (last update: 3/9/2009)
Dark Lament Catalogue v 2.2 - Science Friction items for use with Savage SLA Industries (last update: 13/7/2009)
Savage SLA Hardware Catalogue v 1.5 - conversion of Chocolate Frog's SLA Hardware Catalogue fan-book - contains LOTS of new guns (last update: 9/6/2009)

Savage SLA industries is an unofficial conversion. SLA Industries is a copyright of Nightfall Games. Savage Worlds, and all associated logos and trademarks, is a copyright of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This document in no way constitutes a threat to either copyright.

Please support the SLA Industries and Savage Worlds game lines. You can buy online at Cubicle 7 Entertainment for SLA, and Studio 2 Publishing for Savage Worlds, as well as all good game shops. You can also download a PDF of the SLA Industries core rules for free from Drive Thru RPG.

50 Fathoms
GM Screen-Style Ship-Combat Helpsheet v1.0 (last update: 4/9/2006)

Character Sheet
Savage Worlds Character Sheet v1.8 (last update: 17/12/2008)
Everything you need from a Savage Worlds character sheet on just one page. Inpired by the Cheyenne Wright's Training Wheels sheet but with an XP tracker, space for gear and weapons, and a few other additions of my own, and without so many of the rules that players know after a single session. Still incorporates lots of combat rules though, for easy reference during play and to help learn the subtleties of Savage Worlds combat.

Savage Suzerain Character Sheet
Savage Suzerain Character Sheet v1.8 (last update: 30/3/2010)
This version of my Savage Worlds sheet incorporates all the rules changes needed for playing in the Savage Suzerain campaign setting, and still fits on just one sheet!



The One Ring:
Adventures over the Edge of the Wild

Dice Roller
One Ring Dice Roller (last update: 10/10/2012)
A Javascript-based dice roller for One Ring players and GMs. Allows for both skill rolls and attacks.

New Weapons
New Weapons for the One Ring RPG v1.2 (last update: 23/9/2011)
A small selection of new weapons, mostly based on those used by Norse and Saxon warriors.

Combat Stance Mat for Tracking Combat in the One Ring RPG v1.1 (last update: 27/10/2011)
Print this stance mat and then use minis to track everyone's stance in combat. At the beginning of each round, players can quickly move their minis. There's space to move the mini onto should they roll an Eye of Sauron (and so be receiving a called shot next round), and simply knock a mini over when a character takes Knockback.
Travel Role Mat for the One Ring RPG v1 (last update: 27/10/2011)
Print onto the back of the combat stance mat to track what role everyone is filling. Also allows easy tracking of Fatigue and Hazards.


Mage: The Awakening

Improvised Spell Helper (last update: 18/11/2017)
A web app for calculating dice pools and paradox for spell casting.


Warhammer 40K RPGs

Rogue Trader
Starship Size Visualizer (last update: 7/2/2012)
A Google Maps-based web app to let you fly 40K starships over real-world location and marvel at how very massive they are.


Eclipse Phase

Hacking Cheat Sheet
Hacking Cheat sheet v1.1 (last update: 1/10/2010)
One page summary with flowchart of hacking system and rules references.


Formula D

Formula... Death!
Formula Death v1.1 (last update: 4/6/2009)
An unofficial expansion for Formula D, the high-octane racing board game. Add even more excitement to your games by souping up your car with weapons, armour and gadgets. Includes 64 colour upgrade cards to print and play with.



Character Sheet
CthulhuTech Character Sheet v1.1 (last update: 29/1/2008)

Dice Roller
CthulhuTech/Framewerk Dice Roller (last update: 15/1/2008)
Roll those funky Framewerk dice online.


Spirit of the Century

Character Sheet
Spirit of the Century Character Sheet (last update: 29/10/2007)
A character sheet for SotC containing the most commonly referenced rules with a slightly Victorian feel.



Exalted 2nd Edition Character Sheets (Version Two: Four Pages)
Solar Character Sheet v2.4 (last update: 16/6/2007)

Exalted 2nd Edition Character Sheets (Version One: Two Pages)
Solar Character Sheet v.1.8 (last update: 18/5/2006)
Form-Fillable Solar Character Sheet v.1.8 by Maddman75(last update: 27/3/2007)
Dragonblooded Character Sheet v.1.1 (last update: 8/5/2007)
Additional Charm Page v1.0 (last update: 19/5/2006)

Exalted 2nd Edition Battlewheel
Battlewheel (and DV Penalty Tracker) v1.1 (last update: 26/5/2007)

Exalted 1st Edition Character Sheets
Dragon Blooded Character Sheet v.2.5 (Power Combat Version) (last update: 24/3/2005)
Solar Character Sheet v.2.2 (Power Combat Version) (last update: 7/10/2004)
Sidereal Character Sheet v.1.2 (Power Combat Version) (last update: 7/10/2004)
Lunar Character Sheet v.1.1 (Power Combat Version) (last update: 31/1/2005)

The Best 25 Martial Arts on the Exalted Wiki (Formatted For Printing)
25 Lotus Petals v1.2 (last update: 21/7/2005) - Requires Acrobat Reader 7

Sidereal Astrology
Exalted Astrology Calculator v.1.3 (last update: 6/10/2004)
Exalted Astrology Calculator v.1.3 (Form-fillable) (last update: 6/10/2004)
One Roll Astrology (last update: 22/10/2004)

Raksha Shaping Combat Reference Cards v.1.2 (last update:22/2/2004)

Name Generator
Exalted Name Generator (last update: 15/10/2004)

Exalted Dice Roller for PbP games (last update: 25/3/2004)
Wuxalted Dice Roller for PbP games (last update: 3/3/2006)
Exalted Dice Result Generator (last update: 25/2/2005)

Exalted-Wushu Conversion
Wuxalted Conversion v.1.5 (last update: 23/11/2004)
Character Sheet (last update: 7/10/2004)


Unknown Armies

Character Sheet
F*cked Up UA Sheet v.1.2 (last update: 7/6/2004)

Unknown Ages: Conan-style games using Unknown Armies (last update: 15/12/2004)


10/10/2012: Added my own weapons to the One Ring dice roller
16/9/2011: One Ring Dice Roller
1/10/2010: New Hacking Cheat sheet for Eclipse Phase
17/3/2010: Fixed a few typos and layout issues in Savage SLA. Nothing major.
2/9/2009: New version of Savage SLA Industries featuring lots of fixes, tweaks, and new edges.
13/7/2009: Updated the Dark Lament catalogue for Savage SLA Industries
2/6/2009: Lots of new weapons for Savage SLA Industries in the SLA Hardware Catalogue
12/11/2008: New Savage Worlds character sheet
29/10/2007: Character sheet for Spirit of the Century
31/8/2007: New versions of Savage SLA Industries conversion (now including Grit Stormer) and character sheet
11/7/2007: Added Advanced Carrien to Savage SLA
9/7/2007: Savage SLA Industries: A full conversion of SLA Industries to Savage World's rules; heavily playtested and very fun
5/6/2007: New 2nd Edition solar character sheet is up (v2). An almost completely new layout. Now with 4 pages!
26/5/2007: Battlewheel with cunning DV tracker bands
30/4/2007: Savage SLA Industries character sheet
7/10/2006: 2nd Edition Dragonblooded sheet for Exalted.
4/9/2006: Savage World's Ship Combat Sheet I made for my 50 Fathoms game.
18/5/2006: 2nd Edition Solar sheet is up! Thanks for your encouragement everyone and feel free to email me any feedback.
03/03/2006: Dice roller for Wuxalted.
21/07/2005: Added lots of new words to the Name Generator.
15/7/2005: Ten new styles to the Martial Arts PDF. Also reformatted for easier reading and added a cover and lots of funky artwork.
24/3/2005: Updated the dice roller to give results in different fomats.


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